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My grylles

Grylles: ridiculous little creatures, teratological, come from antiquity, arrived to Hieronymus Bosch and Brueghel the Elder, recovered by Flemish painting, represented in Gothic architecture and in medieval manuscripts. Motley assemblages or subtractions of fragments of human and animal bodies, clumsy chimeras, hybrids with preposterous graces. They are beings without tails or heads who have practically only that: tails or legs, heads or faces and not much in between. Extremities. The extremities alone, absurdly joined, produce monstrosities, caricatures that only survive in the land of symbols and in the kingdom of images, in the recesses of cultural geographies and in bad dreams, in the elucubrations of the psyche and in the weaknesses of thought, and under the eye of well-adjusted lenses, because they are difficult to perceive and even more difficult to photograph.

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